Does Your House Need a Facelift

What is a facelift for a house?

Generally speaking it’s giving your house more kerb appeal. Sometimes a small modification can give you quite a dramatic transformation.

Here are some simple changes that can make a difference.

Enclose a carport and or add a roller door – This improves your security, adds value to your property and changes the whole look of your property.

Take out old gardens and or spruce up your garden beds.

Repair & recolour your roof including re-bedding and re-pointing of ridge capping. This is also a good time to inspect your guttering & downpipes do they need replacing or repainting?

If you have an old brick frontage then rendering can totally change how a house looks.

Look at your drive way, does the crossover or the drive need repairing? Replacing driveways can be expensive but there are some amazing products on the market that will really give your drive a makeover.

Like all renovating you have to know what look you are trying to achieve, will this add value to your home or will it put you into the realm of over capitalisation?

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