Inspiration in Greenwood

Most people struggle with a vision for their future renovation, they generally want what they have but new. This was not the case for our Greenwood clients, they were truly inspired with their ideas for renovation.

Their kitchen was dark, small and dated, you had to enter the pantry from the passage! The family room was actually a large passage into the office and had an unused wood heater and wood box.

The plan was to fill in the door to the office and create a new door from the dining room and remove the wood heater and wood box. Lift the tiles that went from the front door to the back door. Take out the wall going into the dining room, increasing the size of the kitchen. Fill pantry entrance, cut in new doorway and re-shelf.

Design and build their dream kitchen to suit a growing family. The final step was to design and build a buffet that would complement the kitchen.

Demolition day is always messy and very noisy, but nothing will prepare you for the mess and noise of taking up tiles! When you have the right tools, the tiles come up easily enough, it is the old adhesive that is difficult. This is ground down, back to the concrete slab, a very dusty job. 

Building back the new!

Leaving the Kitchen of their dreams a reality.


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