Inspiration in Greenwood

Most people struggle with a vision for their future renovation, they generally want what they have but new. This was not the case for our Greenwood clients, they were truly inspired with their ideas for renovation.

Their kitchen was dark, small and dated, you had to enter the pantry from the passage! The family room was actually a large passage into the office and had an unused wood heater and wood box.

The plan was to fill in the door to the office and create a new door from the dining room and remove the wood heater and wood box. Lift the tiles that went from the front door to the back door. Take out the wall going into the dining room, increasing the size of the kitchen. Fill pantry entrance, cut in new doorway and re-shelf.

Design and build their dream kitchen to suit a growing family. The final step was to design and build a buffet that would complement the kitchen.

Demolition day is always messy and very noisy, but nothing will prepare you for the mess and noise of taking up tiles! When you have the right tools, the tiles come up easily enough, it is the old adhesive that is difficult. This is ground down, back to the concrete slab, a very dusty job. 

Building back the new!

Leaving the Kitchen of their dreams a reality.


Bathroom Renovation – A Guide to What’s Involved

Renovating a bathroom can be an exciting home improvement project. it is important that you get it right because expense wise it is second only to the kitchen. Bathrooms can be complicated so make sure that all the stages are followed.

Stages of a bathroom renovation:

1) Set a realistic budget: if you do not, you can easily overspend.

2) Design: At Renovate For You we work with our customers providing suggestions and advice, while respecting the customers ideas and how they use their space. In the design anything is possible but keep in mind that structural changes like moving walls, changing windows etc. or adding toilets, reconfiguring plumbing layouts, can add considerable costs.

This is when you decide on the type of fixtures & fittings you want:
• bath, inset or freestanding,
• vanity, size & type, drawers vs cupboards
• basins, surface or inset
• benchtop, laminate or stone
• taps, wall or bench mount, style and type
• lighting, fans, heaters etc.
• tiles, floor to ceiling or not. On average, floor to ceiling tiles add $3,000 to budget.

3) Get council approval if needed, this could include structural engineering reports if moving walls.

4) Order skip bin ready for demolition, book in trades, order fixtures & fittings.

5) Demolition day, generally a very noisy and messy, dust filled day:
• Isolation of all plumbing and electrical services, both are licensed trades.
• Demolition and disposal of the shower, toilet, vanity, bath, wall and floor tiling.
• If having floor to ceiling tiles, then the removal of all plaster and cornice

6) Repair walls where required from damage with the removal of walls tiles. Electrical and plumbing pre-works, including any modifications to drainage system for new layout in floor slab

7) Repair termite protection where the ground has been disturbed. Once the floor slab has been cut through then the termite barrier to your home has been broken. This step is often missed.

8) Build any plinths, hobs, and niches. Plumbing and electrical first fit.

9) Install screed coat on the floor with falls to all floor waste pipes. This is a crucial step to get right otherwise you could have all manner of problems in your finished bathroom. Must be dry before waterproofing.

10) Waterproof the bathroom floor and shower recess walls. The extent of the waterproofing is dependent on many factors. Requires 2 days drying time.

11) Install bath. The timing of this may alter depending on type of bath.

12) Install floor and wall tiles, it is a better-looking finish if all external angle joints are mitred. Install floor grates in shower and bathroom floor

13) Install new plaster cornice and patch ceiling as needed.

14) Install vanity, make a template for bench top. Can take up 2 weeks to be manufactured. Timing of this installation is dependent on site conditions.

15) Install bench top and basin.

16) Install taps & shower heads.

17) Installation of power points, lights, fans or heaters.

18) Silicone tile joints within shower as required, do not disturb for 24hrs

19) Install shower screens and or bath panels, do not disturb for 24hrs.

20) Install all other fittings such as cabinet handles, towel rails, mirror, or shaving cabinet.

A smaller bathroom does not necessarily mean cheaper, as you still have all the same fixtures & fittings to replace. The bathroom of your dreams may have a significant cost, but you can still have an amazing bathroom on a reduced budget.

At Renovate For You we work to all the relevant Australian Standards and good practices, install quality products, used licensed trades, provide compliance certificates and warranties. We understand a bathroom renovation is a large investment, and this is why we deliver you the bathroom of your dreams, completed on time and on budget, that will last another 30 years. For more information contact either Mandy or Martin.

Balcatta Transformation!

The Renovation in Balcatta was a great job for us because it showcased many of our skills.

Before Pictures

The brief was:
Replace the ceilings throughout. Convert the Master Bedroom into The Lounge. Convert Lounge to Master Bedroom and then Convert Laundry to The Master Bedroom Ensuite. Sand and reseal timber floors and paint ceilings, walls, doors, doorframes & skirtings.


Our first job on any demolition day is to protect the floors, we use a product called Ram Board. It’s a very thick cushioned cardboard. and it does a great job. This process costs us a few hundred dollars but potentially saves us thousands.


You would not believe the mess that comes from pulling down ceilings, imagine 50 years of dirt, dust and old insulation. As the new ceilings were installed so was new roof insulation which will make a huge difference to temperature control in the home. Believe it or not Martin wore a full-face mask and coveralls while doing this demo.


In the new Master bedroom, we created a walk-through wardrobe into the new ensuite. Installed new sliding door floor and ceiling track and repurposed their existing sliding mirror door.


The new ensuite looked amazing, the clients wanted the Scandinavian design elements. The tiles and fittings they chose transformed an old laundry into a luxurious ensuite bathroom.


Walls and Ceilings Coming Down


The new lounge was created by removing 2 structural walls. Because there were several doors opening into the new lounge, we sealed the bathroom door and cut in a new door from the kitchen. We then created a laundry space inside the bathroom in the space that was the original doorway..

In the new lounge we removed the glass windows above the internal doors and blanked off both sides. Opened the entrance to the new kitchen by removing the doorway and nibs creating an open plan feel.

With all the ceilings down, it was an opportune time to add and update the electrical by testing and removing of redundant old cables where possible. We replaced the feed cable to the kitchen power points due to age of the cable. Rewired lighting in some rooms. Modified lighting to the carport/garage and eaves. Removed old fuses, consolidated circuit breakers into one enclosure and installed an additional RCBO for the new power circuit and replaced faulty breakers and installed new main earth & earth rod. Installed additional power points, switches & dimmers throughout.

Awesome Open Plan Lounge

We loved doing this job and we were proud of the results.

Karrinyup Is Now Tennant Ready

Karrinyup Before
Karrinyup Before

The Karrinyup house was a rental and the client wanted to update the kitchen to make it more appealing, without spending a lot. Originally, she wanted to change the bench top and then decided to change the doors as well.

Her biggest issue was getting a contractor to do what she wanted, most would say “rip it all out, its better!”

It is easier for us to rip it all out and start new but it’s important to listen to what the customer wants!

The original bench top was only 450mm deep, much narrower than tops today and it was thought that she would have to use the old sink. With a bit of investigation, we were able to source a new and modern sink that had been made for renovations like this one. The new bench top is 20mm engineered stone and we were able to add a breakfast bar, which increases useable bench space.

We used my favourite 600mm white gloss tiles as a backsplash Karrinup Afterwhich reduces the grout lines giving a clean and sleek finish. While tiling we levelled the windowsill which modernises an old window. New doors, handles, taps, power points and light switches completed the look.

Mold The Insidious Toxin

Mold is a non-scientific term for many types of unwanted fungi found both indoors and outdoors.

Black mold is often invisible and can grow inside homes, schools, or the workplace undetected for years. Indoor mold growth requires moisture to grow and can damage the integrity of some building materials or structures, which could lead to expensive repair or replacement costs.

Molds can release toxins that can be irritating or harmful, especially for people who have pre-existing conditions. These toxins called mycotoxins, can affect the upper respiratory system giving you symptoms like those of a cold or flu. They are particularly harmful to someone with allergies or asthma. Healthy people are unlikely to be harmed through short-term exposure to mycotoxins, it generally takes time and consistent exposure to mold for symptoms to develop.

Indoor mold can be unsightly and smelly, it may appear as mildew on a shower curtain; yet some of the most dangerous types of mold are invisible. They are airborne and go undetected, thereby lengthening exposure time and causing the most harmful health problems associated with mold. Common symptoms of mold reactions in a healthy individual:

  • coughing
  • wheezing
  • nose stuffiness
  • itchy or red eyes
  • itchy skin

In people with respiratory conditions, such as COPD, asthma, and respiratory allergies, inhaling mold toxins may worsen existing symptoms, or cause other serious symptoms, such as:

  • headaches
  • feeling exhausted
  • frequent coughing, especially at night
  • sinusitis
  • allergic reactions
  • chest colds
  • fever
  • difficulty breathing

Most molds can be scrubbed off hard surfaces such as tiles using soapy water. The physical action of scrubbing is the most important factor, all the mold must be physically removed to prevent regrowth. Make sure you scrub up to 50cm from the edge of the visible mold as there may be new growth that is not yet visible to the naked eye.

When removing mold, make sure you wear personal protective equipment (rubber gloves, face mask and safety goggles) and that the room is well ventilated.

Prevent mold growth by:

  • Regularly cleaning any areas where mold is likely to grow, such as bathrooms, showers, and damp rooms.
  • Using a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, particularly in areas where damp is a problem.
  • Keeping all walls and surfaces dry.
  • Keeping rooms warm and well-ventilated during cold or wet weather.
  • Fitting and using exhaust fans in damp areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Checking pipes, gutters, and air conditioners regularly to avoid potential leaks and water damage.

If the mold has taken hold of your ceiling it will most likely be spreading across the other side of the ceiling into other rooms. If this is the case the ceiling needs to be replaced rather than cleaned. That’s the time when you call us at Renovate For You.

A Tap is a Tap!

Gooseneck tap
The last couple of days I’ve been living in the land of tapware; an interesting and easy to get lost in world!
You might think a tap is a tap, but I have found that that isn’t so.


If you were buying a new kitchen, how much thought would go into your new tap?

I was going to buy a well-known brand tap, it looked good and was a great price, and it had a 7 year warranty.
All good I thought …. until…da, da, daaa….

The sales team pointed out that the warranty didn’t cover the cartridge. Now most taps are usually fine, it’s rare that things go wrong but if something were to go wrong it is usually the cartridge.

Hmmm, I think I’ll go for this brand over here. It’s more expensive but gives 15 years warranty on everything, and they give 5 years parts and labour warranty which means, that in the first 5 years should anything go wrong they will come to your house to repair it.
That tells me that they expect nothing to go wrong with this tap!

Reputation is everything; they as a company are willing to back their product.
This helps us! As a small business where our reputation is everything, it helps us be confident that we are giving our client the best product we can for their money.

A tap is functional, it is not usually noticed or admired. It is however something we want to work every time we use it. I can imagine how frustrating it would be to have a brand-new kitchen and the tap stopped working, or worse, broke altogether.

A very good reason for us to make sure we provide quality products. If you have any tap related questions, let me know and even if I don’t know the answer, I will find out for you 😊

Does Your House Need a Facelift

What is a facelift for a house?

Generally speaking it’s giving your house more kerb appeal. Sometimes a small modification can give you quite a dramatic transformation.

Here are some simple changes that can make a difference.

Enclose a carport and or add a roller door – This improves your security, adds value to your property and changes the whole look of your property.

Take out old gardens and or spruce up your garden beds.

Repair & recolour your roof including re-bedding and re-pointing of ridge capping. This is also a good time to inspect your guttering & downpipes do they need replacing or repainting?

If you have an old brick frontage then rendering can totally change how a house looks.

Look at your drive way, does the crossover or the drive need repairing? Replacing driveways can be expensive but there are some amazing products on the market that will really give your drive a makeover.

Like all renovating you have to know what look you are trying to achieve, will this add value to your home or will it put you into the realm of over capitalisation?

Contact us by email or Phone Mandy 0412 808 373 to discuss your homes facelift today.

Modernise a 1970’s Kitchen

This was a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house built in the early 1970’s.
Our brief was to bring it into the 21st century as inexpensively as possible without compromising on the quality.

This kitchen almost hurt your eyes with the fluoro orange laminate and tiles, the old appliances and difficult to get in to cupboards. It was a small kitchen with a small dining room so we decided to demolish the dividing wall and make it a large open kitchen. To keep the costs down we kept the original windows and the floor tiles, they had only been laid 18 months previous. We took the tiles that would now be under the bench and used them to infill where the wall had been.

We chose new appliances, a rangehood and a stainless steel 1½ bowl sink with a mixer tap. The bench top was a light neutral colour with modern timber look laminate drawers and doors with nice stainless steel handles.
Even though there was a minor structural change this was a straightforward renovation. We had to replumb the gas for the new hotplate position and a small change in plumbing for the dishwasher. The most difficult job was the orange tiles behind the original hotplate. In the 70’s it was very common to lay tiles with cement/concrete this made it almost impossible to remove them without doing considerable damage to the wall. In the end we used a grinder and scored every tile so that there was no gloss left and laid the new wall tiles over them. Moving the microwave into the wall recess with the oven helped create a more open line of sight.

This kitchen was the first kitchen we used hidden, recessed into the bench power points. This was for the kettle and toaster and it meant there were no messy cords on the bench.

At the same time, we replaced some of the patio roof panels with opaque polycarbonate sheeting allowing natural light to flow into the once dark kitchen.

Upgrade a 1970’s Kitchen

This was a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house built in the early 1970’s.
Our brief was to bring it into the 21st century as inexpensively as possible without compromising on the quality.


This was a very basic traditional kitchen that had again been built solidly. The frames were all built in Jarrah and took some muscle to demolish.

Again, we kept the original window to keep costs down and we filled in the recess; they were common in the 70’s. We chose simple flat pack cupboards with a nice laminate bench top, stainless steel tap and sink and white clean-cut appliances. With 600mm high gloss tiles as a splash back and plank style vinyl flooring to finish.

The finished product was a bright modern kitchen that was a pleasure to work in.

Upgrade a 1970’s Bathroom


This was a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house built in the early 1970’s.

Our brief was to bring it into the 21st century as inexpensively as possible without compromising on the quality.

It was decided to gut it entirely and to swap the toilet and shower around as this would make the bathroom seem much bigger. To save on costs we kept the original window.

The original builder did a quality build which made the demolition hard work. Everyone was glad to see the purple tiles, toilet and basin go.

The new bathroom has a classic and modern look to it with stainless steel fittings. The corner shower was built around the window allowing lots of light and making the room look very spacious.